Located in the Houston, Texas area, we are a family of four.  Our weekends consist of playing games with our energetic little girls.  We often play table games that can accommodate all of our skill sets.  On labor day weekend, my husband and I each had our brothers in town, we put our family to the ultimate test.  We decided to challenge ourselves and bring our family game night to the next level by booking a room at Escape Now in north Houston.  This is a real-life interactive game experience.  The room we chose was called The Chocolate Factory.


“There is a lottery to win a visit to the Chocolate Factory that has been shut for many years. In 60 minutes you need to find a golden ticket, explore the factory and escape with the secret chocolate recipe.”- Escape Now


Our mission was clear and simple; find the secret recipe hidden somewhere in the factory and figure out the code to escape.  We should be out shortly with time to spare.  My family and I were up to the task!  As we stepped into our room, I noticed it wasn’t as detailed as I assumed.  I thought there would be a plethora of items covering the entire room to gather information.  This is going to be a challenge.  The girls instantly began investigating while I stood in the middle of the room, wondering where to start.  I decided it was best of me to stand back and let the others scout out the clues while I absorbed their knowledge.  Just incase I could solve the mission in my own mind,  I wanted to be ready.


We were allowed three tips from our host during our time.  He communicated his tips through a computer monitor in the room.  Our host could see everything we were doing and hear every word.  While I felt we needed more tips, our group was steadily figuring out the clues one by one.  I certainly misjudged the complexity of the puzzles. Our team-work and communication skills were pushed to the limits.  Time was running out!  The game was getting more intense.  We were thinking fast, but as our intensity grew our accuracy decreased.  A few of us raced to the door trying every four digit code we found along the way; leaving a few clues untapped.  Our girls especially, wanted to be involved in all the action.  My girls  had a few spats of conflict about which one of them would open something next.  A distraction that should be avoided when attempting a time sensitive game.  Our curious little ones did however uncover several


We were given 60 minutes to crack the codes and escape the room.  The time was up all too quickly.  Did we solve all the mind-boggling puzzles and escape?  Although, we did find the golden ticket, we did not escape.  Our host come into the room, with his bubbly “you were so close” speech.  There were only a few clues left that would have lead us to freedom.


In spite of not escaping, our family gained appreciation for each others hard work.  We each had

our moments to show off our problem-solving skills.   We left Escape Now as a stronger unit plus we noticed how smart we all felt from our contributions.  The family that play together stays together!

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